Auto Care

Auto Care

We are representing leading manufacturers, offering wide range of silicone products such as silicone fluid, emulsion, water repellent and beading emulsion, waxes , fragrances etc for the formulated products such as shampoo, polishing products, degreaser, air fresheners used to upkeep the condition of vehicle.

Silicone Additives

Silicone products ranging from Silicone Fluids (PDMS), Silanes, Modified Silicone Fluids to meet wide-ranging applications in chemical processing industry.

Rheology Modifier

Optimal solution for controlling the viscosity for chemical processing formulations.

Chelating Agent

Green/Natural chelating agents are biodegradable materials mainly used for washing or cleaning.

Humectant, Emulsifier And Stabiliser

High melting wax fraction separated from Lanolin Wax. Widely used in industrial applications for its emulsifying power, uniform consistency and ability to inhibit crystallization of other waxes, powerful rust preventative with excellent protective properties for ferrous metals.


Scent for industrial chemical formulation, cleaning products, air fresheners and more.


Natural and Synthetic waxes for glossy appearance and slip property.