We offer wide range of Rheology Modifier, Dispersant, Cross-linker and adhesion promoter for the formulation of adhesives and sealants.

Waterbased Binders

Acrylic polymer or co-polymer latex that lends itself to broad spectrum of paint formulations. The formulation of coatings provide excellent long term in durability.

Opaque Polymer

One of the most advanced polymeric opacifiers engineered to improve the efficiency of TiO2. It facilitates paint application and performance improvements, lowers the consumption of TiO2 and reduces the cost of all types of water based paints.

Rheology Modifier

Rheology modifiers use in paint and coatings can improve its thixotropy, suspensibility and stability. Improve spreadability, prevent sagging and sag.

Dispersing Agent

Dispersing agents ensure the consistency of paint and give it the desired properties, such as the strength of colour, or appropriate pigmentation and compatibility of the finished product.


Surfactants are also used to stabilize the dispersion of polymer particles during emulsion polymerization in paints and other applications. The mechanical stability, freeze-thaw stability and shelf-life of paints are all improved by the addition of surfactants.

Anti Corrosion Inhibitor

A corrosion inhibitor or anti-corrosive is a chemical compound that, when added to a liquid or gas, decreases the corrosion rate of a material, typically a metal or an alloy, that comes into contact with the fluid.

Catalyst & Cross-linker

Cross-linker is the chemical used to create a cross-linked fluid system. Cross-linker increases the viscosity of gelling agents by connecting the separate gel polymers together.


Waxes can be used to modify film and rheology properties. Since waxes are naturally hydrophobic, they make an excellent addition to rust preventative coatings and structural/architectural coatings.


A mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds (fragrances), fixatives and solvents, usually in liquid form, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces.